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If you don’t have the time or the inclination to keep track of your documents, if you feel overwhelmed by this document burden in your life, get in the professionals. Contact your Finfocus client support team at X-tra Client Services.

We offer our clients peace of mind by taking care of their tax and document responsibilities, whether these are for individuals, for trusts or for small businesses.

Regulatory requirements are becoming more and more onerous. It seems to require as much input as the actual running of a business. Keeping personal administration up to date has not escaped the compliance burden either.

In today’s world of specialisation the solution is to go to the specialists. Go to Finfocus X-tra Client Services and get them to take care of this burden. Finfocus X-tra Client Services are staffed by highly qualified individuals who can calculate your tax, sort your documentation and administer the regulatory obligations associated with running your life and your business. They know the financial, tax and regulatory environment and the requirements with which individuals, trusts and small businesses must comply.

Filing your personal or trust income tax return via e-filing can be a nightmare if the income is generated by a variety of sources. Even as an employee whose employer submits your personal income and deductions directly to SARS, you still need to keep track of all relevant documentation. And if you earn interim income, such as renting out a property or a student room, you are liable for provisional tax as well. If submitting a tax return generates unnecessary stress in your life contact your Finfocus X-tra Client Services team. We have the expertise of qualified tax practitioners to manage your return quickly and efficiently. If there is correspondence with SARS to deal with, X-tra Client Services know the system and can put your case to SARS in the best possible way.

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Sort, assess and help to acquire all relevant tax documentation
Complete and submit tax returns (annual and provisional) to SARS
Prepare and submit tax returns for trusts, as well as small and medium businesses
Complete and submit VAT returns
Change registered particulars at SARS branches when needed
Obtain comprehensive SARS statements of accounts for clients
Lodge objections against assessments on behalf of clients
Fees – contact us. Fees differ according to the complexity of services involved
Fees – conctact us. Fees differ according to the complexity of services involved
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My Office: General Administration
Few people know precisely what to keep, for how long and what to shred. Some clients prefer to spend time with friends and family rather than keeping paper work up to date. Often documentation is just difficult to find when needed. If your documentation is causing you stress, contact Finfocus X-tra Client Services. Our qualified staff will sort, scan and administer all your documentation. And they can keep your documentation sorted and filed on an on-going basis.

Types of documentation individuals must keep up to date:

Financial documents such as: tax returns; insurance (life, group, disability, critical illness, unemployment, funeral, etc); medical aid (including submission of claims and follow-up); bank statements; investments (investment schedules, tax information and maturity dates on investments, etc.)
Documents regarding property/properties such as deeds of purchase, transfer, valuation, improvements; municipal accounts (tax, levies, etc); rentals, levies, repairs, improvements; guarantees; TV licence, contracts; home help (contract, proof of salary payments; UIF payments); vacation home; additional properties
Documentation regarding vehicle (registration, insurance), and many more
Last will and testament: keep copy of will, collect and list all documentation as needed by executor
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Sort and organise all documentation
File what needs to be saved
Scan all documentation, making scans available on a memory stick for personal safe-keeping by the client and backup on Finfocus system if required
Handle correspondence as agreed between the client and X-tra Client Services
X-tra Client Services staff will even assist the elderly and/or extremely busy clients with the payment of invoices and enquiries about accounts
Fees – contact us. Fees differ according to the complexity of services involved
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Setting up a Trust
Trusts should be set up only for valid reasons. Saving on tax alone may not be sufficient justification for the expense in time and money associated with setting up and running a trust. Protection of assets, continuation of family wealth as well as avoiding successive probate procedures are some of the more substantive reasons for setting up a trust.

Setting up and managing a trust generate their own regulatory obligations. One of the most recent requirements is that a family trust should include an independent trustee. The independent trustee can assist the other trustees to comply with any legislation promulgated regarding the management of trusts and help them not to fall foul of the law inadvertently. If you do not have the time to keep up with this changing regulatory environment and if you do need a knowledgeable independent trustee, contact your Finfocus X-tra Client Services team for help.

Documentation regarding the establishment of a trust such as trust deed, trust registration, Master’s letter of authority, trustee appointments (including FICA documentation of all trustees); tax registration; trust accountant or auditor
Documentation regarding the proper running of the trust such as agendas, minutes, trust resolutions, financial statements, provisional and final tax returns

For a LIST of the services to set up and maintain a trust click here Read More
Check the text of the envisaged trust deed for inter vivos trusts or for a testamentary trust
Obtain the appropriate documentation for a new trust (Master’s Letter of Authority, trust registration number, trustee appointments, FICA documentation for trustees, tax registration number, etc.)
Handle correspondence with Master for new or replacement trustees
Act as independent trustee for the trust
Compile agendas and keep minutes of trust meetings
Keep trust book up to date and file all necessary documentation; handle correspondence if needed
Formulate trust resolutions
Keep financials up to date
Submit tax returns on behalf of the trust
Fees – contact us. Fees differ according to the complexity of services involved
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Employer services:

1. Setting up a company
Starting one’s own company can be a challenge. Translating an idea into an efficient business takes time and effort. Very often paperwork is the single most irksome responsibility for any small business. If you need help with registering your company, with the documentation involved or with complying with the regulatory requirements of the CIPC for your business on an on-going basis, contact your Finfocus X-tra Client Services team. They have the legal and the financial qualifications to help you manage your regulatory obligations quickly and efficiently.

For a LIST of the services available for setting up and running a company click here Read More
Compile and file documentation required for starting a new company
Compile and file documentation appointing and/or changing Directors
Compile and file the Company minutes and tax returns
File and interact with SARS on behalf of the business
File and interact on behalf of the business with CIPS; any other related CIPS work
Fees – contact us. Fees differ according to the complexity of services involved
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2. Payroll
An employer, regardless of the number of workers he/she employs, must manage and maintain all records pertaining to payroll taxes (income tax, UIF and PAYE) for at least five years after the tax becomes due or is paid, whichever is later.

The proper management of an employer’s payroll can be quite a challenge for a new business owner or even within a well-established business. If you need help, contact your Finfocus X-tra Client Services team. By making use of our services, we will ensure that the business and its employees are registered with the applicable institutions (UIF, SARS), that all payments are made on time, all applicable deductions are taken into consideration and information (payslips) are provided timeously to the employees. This saves the business time, while it ensures that the business owner can focus on running and growing the business.

For a list of the services included under payroll, click here Read More
Register employer with SARS for PAYE and SDL
Register the employer and employees for UIF
Monthly payroll processing including PAYE and UIF submission
Bi-annual and annual tax reconciliation and submission to SARS via e-filing
Generate monthly payslips
Fees – contact us. Fees differ according to the complexity of services involved
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3. Accounting services
The financial accounts can be a headache for small to medium sized business owners who spend their time running and managing their business and then do not have the time to do the accounting.

The Finfocus X-tra Client Services team can help by maintaining accurate bookkeeping on accounting software and providing the business owner with monthly management accounts. We can also help to prepare your books and records for the annual financial audit and prepare annual financial statements.

For a LIST of the services included under accounting services, click hereRead More
Process accounting records on an accounting software package
Prepare monthly management accounts and management reports
Maintain fixed asset register
Coordinate statutory auditors, including audit file preparation
Prepare annual financial statements
Fees – contact us. Fees differ according to the complexity of services involved
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Dr Sjarlene
Thom CFP®


BA, BA Hons (English); Secondary Teacher’s Diploma (STD); BA Hons (Latin); BA Hons (Greek); MA (Latin); DLitt (Greek); Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning (US); CFP®, General Tax Practitioner (SA)™.


Sjarlene has taught at Stellenbosch University for many years. She served as a member of the University council, was a trustee of the University provident fund (USAF) and member of the University committee for medical aid and insurance. Professionally she came late to the financial planning environment, but the enthusiasm for numbers and matters financial has always been there. She has joined the Finfocus team initially as advisor in 2013. Most recently she has shifted her focus to administrative support for Finfocus management. As part of Finfocus X-tra Client Services outreach she is available to help with administrative assistance also to clients. She is passionate about getting the job done, whether to provide regulatory documentation or as general support for management.

Sjarlene is married to Johan Thom and they have two children, Mia and Niël. The family enjoys cooking together, with some members being more gifted in this direction than others. Sjarlene loves reading, travelling, entertaining and walking.



Antoinette has more than 30 years’ experience in the life assurance industry. She spent the first 28 years with corporates and the past two at independent financial adviser firms.

Her past experience at large life assurers has given her valuable insight in how to deal with product providers, financial advisers and clients. She has a passion for client service and it is key to her to deliver such good service that clients will always remember it.

She is the mother of two and the grandmother of three.