Risk Management

Risk Management
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Risk management refers to the identification, quantification, prioritization and management of any possible risk that can have an effect on, or influence you and/or your loved ones’ lifestyle.

Risk management includes insuring your physical assets (like your house, household contents, car, electronics, etc), making provision for unforeseen medical and illness related expenses, protecting your income and your standard of living. Managing these risks helps create peace of mind for yourself and your family.
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We advise on and market the following life assurance products:
Life cover
Disability cover
Critical (serious) illness cover
Education protector

We hold contracts with:
Discovery Life
Old Mutual
PPS Life

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The primary function of short term insurance is to transfer your risk exposure. It is an investment you make in order to protect yourself from financial losses you suffer due to causes beyond your control. When you purchase assets, whether it is property or vehicles, you invest financially in these assets. The loss of or damage damage to these assets leaves you financially exposed.

It forms an integral part of your long term financial planning. Monies you would have had to lay out, from your own pocket, to replace damaged or lost property, can rather be utilised to reach other long term goals.

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We offer:
Domestic Insurance (household contents, buildings, vehicles, personal items, liabilities)
Commercial Insurance (all industries)
Engineering Insurance
Marine Insurance
Film Producer and Entertainment Insurance
Liability Insurance (Professional, Directors & Officers, Cyber Crime etc)

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Medical Aid
Being healthy is one of the most important needs we have, but something we don’t cherish every day, until something goes wrong. Medical aid membership forms a vital part of financial planning as medical costs can erode your savings, could affect your retirement planning and could lead to the selling of assets.
A healthy person might argue that he or she will not be getting anything for the premium they are paying every month, but the true value of having medical aid is only realised when that healthy person falls ill, is involved in an accident or when one of his or her dependants needs urgent and possibly continuous medical attention.
Selecting the correct plan is of major importance and will be determined by your financial position, current health requirements, how many dependants you have etc.
At Finfocus, we can help you choose the correct plan, for yourself and your dependants (children and/or parents), to ensure that you are covered when the need arises. By conducting a medical needs analysis, we look at your requirements to establish what plan/s will suit you best.
If you are the sole breadwinner you might need more cover to ensure that your family is looked after in the event of you being hospitalised or being treated. We also advise that you talk to us about income protection.

GAP cover
Why do you need gap cover if you have a medical aid plan that covers you for hospitalisations?
In South Africa specialists are not regulated as to what they can charge patients for their services, and could charge in excess of the 100% (which could be higher, depending on your plan) rate that medical schemes are willing to pay – this could sometimes be in excess of 500% of the scheme rate. This means that you will have to pay the short-fall from your own pocket.
Some hospital plans might require a co-payment for admissions for planned procedures or some investigations/procedures that are done out-of-hospital, for example MRI or CT scans. This co-payment can be covered by your Gap Cover Plan.
For a small monthly premium, you can insure yourself and your family against this financial risk.
At Finfocus we can provide you with solutions that will fit your requirements and financial position.

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Dr Sjarlene
Thom CFP®


BA, BA Hons (English); Secondary Teacher’s Diploma (STD); BA Hons (Latin); BA Hons (Greek); MA (Latin); DLitt (Greek); Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning (US); CFP®, General Tax Practitioner (SA)™.


Sjarlene has taught at Stellenbosch University for many years. She served as a member of the University council, was a trustee of the University provident fund (USAF) and member of the University committee for medical aid and insurance. Professionally she came late to the financial planning environment, but the enthusiasm for numbers and matters financial has always been there. She has joined the Finfocus team initially as advisor in 2013. Most recently she has shifted her focus to administrative support for Finfocus management. As part of Finfocus X-tra Client Services outreach she is available to help with administrative assistance also to clients. She is passionate about getting the job done, whether to provide regulatory documentation or as general support for management.

Sjarlene is married to Johan Thom and they have two children, Mia and Niël. The family enjoys cooking together, with some members being more gifted in this direction than others. Sjarlene loves reading, travelling, entertaining and walking.



Antoinette has more than 30 years’ experience in the life assurance industry. She spent the first 28 years with corporates and the past two at independent financial adviser firms.

Her past experience at large life assurers has given her valuable insight in how to deal with product providers, financial advisers and clients. She has a passion for client service and it is key to her to deliver such good service that clients will always remember it.

She is the mother of two and the grandmother of three.