Protect your financial future by managing potential risks

Protect your assets and future with effective risk management. Achieve peace of mind by protecting your assets, earning ability and planning for unexpected medical expenses.

Risk management

Risk management refers to the identification, quantification, prioritization and management of any possible risk that can have an effect on, or influence you and/or your loved ones’ lifestyle.

Risk management includes insuring your physical assets (like your house, household contents, car, electronics, etc), making provision for unforeseen medical and illness related expenses, protecting your income and your standard of living. Managing these risks helps create peace of mind for yourself and your family.

There are many ways you can protect your income and standard of living.

Life cover

Life cover (also known as life insurance, or a death benefit) pays out a lump sum upon the death of the insured life. The main purpose of this benefit is to ensure that your dependants are taken care of and that your liabilities can be paid.

Disability cover

Disability cover or a disability benefit ensures that you and your loved ones can sustain your life-style if you become medically disabled, either due to injury, accident or sickness and are unable to work.

Accident cover

Accident cover insures you against an event caused by an accident (unnatural causes). Different insurers may cover different events. No medical underwriting is required, which means that medically uninsurable persons qualify for accident cover.

Education protectors

Education Protectors (also known as Education Benefits) pay a pre-determined benefit to help cover the costs of your child’s educational needs, when the insured life passes away, becomes disabled or suffers a severe illness. This benefit therefore secures your child’s educational needs.

Critical (serious) illness cover

Critical Illness cover pays out a pre-determined tax-free lump sum if the insured life is diagnosed with a severe illness. Typically, critical Illnesses or severe illnesses refer to cancer, heart attacks, heart bypasses and strokes, but there are various other illnesses that are also included under this benefit.

The medical costs that arise from illnesses (hospital expenses, medical specialists, treatments and lifestyle changes) are not always covered by a medical aid and can be a big financial burden.

Critical illness cover is also available for children.

Short-term insurance

The primary function of short-term insurance is to transfer your risk exposure. It protects you from financial losses you suffer due to causes beyond your control. When you purchase assets, whether it is property or vehicles, you invest financially in these assets. The loss of or damage to these assets leaves you financially exposed.

We offer:

  • Domestic Insurance (household contents, buildings, vehicles, personal items, liabilities)
  • Commercial Insurance (all industries)
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Film Producer and Entertainment Insurance
  • Liability Insurance (Professional, Directors & Officers, Cyber Crime etc)

Medical aid

Medical aid membership forms a vital part of financial planning as medical costs can erode your savings, could affect your retirement planning and could lead to the selling of assets. Selecting the correct plan is of major importance. At Finfocus, we can help you choose the correct plan, for yourself and your dependants (children and/or parents), to ensure that you are covered when the need arises.

Gap cover

In South Africa specialists are not regulated as to what they may charge patients for their services and they could charge in excess of the rate that medical aid schemes are willing to pay.

Some medical aid plans might require a co-payment for hospital admissions or procedures like MRI or CT scans.

These co-payments and shortfalls can be claimed from gap cover.