Structure and implement suitable employee benefits

Secure your employees’ financial future with employee benefits and protect your business with tailored business assurance solutions. Let us guide you.

Employee benefits

Employee benefits should be the foundation of most formally employed people’s financial planning. Very often this is the largest or the only savings that people accumulate for retirement. It provides for a structured and disciplined approach to the accumulation and protection of wealth.

By providing employee benefits to its employees a business ensures a more loyal workforce; it becomes an employer of choice and it reduces the risks in the case of death, disability or retirement of having to provide for a person and his or her family in a time when the employee cannot be productive anymore. This in turn ensures business sustainability to the employer. We will help you structure and implement the most appropriate solution for your business.

Business assurance

Very often, we as business owners are so caught up in the running of our businesses that we do not take the time to pause, reflect and assess the risks that can very easily destroy all or most of the value that was created through years of hard work and commitment. We help our clients assess and understand these risks and create a structured approach to address and mitigate the risks. This ensures sustainability in times of extreme uncertainty caused by an often tragic event.

We offer personalised analyses and risk planning in the event of:

Death, disability and/or critical illness of shareholders, partners and key employees

We advise on the following:

  • Key person assurance
  • Buy-and-sell agreements
  • Business contingency plans
  • Preferred compensation
  • Group risk products and Group Retirement Annuity Funds