Estate Planning

Estate Planning
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Estate planning is an integral part of holistic financial planning where your assets are actively managed and arranged in such a way that they are protected in life and death, ensuring that you and your dependants can enjoy and continue to enjoy the maximum benefit from your estate.

Effective estate planning significantly reduces the tax payable on death and the costs of winding up an estate, ensuring that your family and dependants are not left in the lurch.
Analysis of current estate Read More
The analysis of your current estate, your current needs and the needs of your dependants is essential. This includes an evaluation of the feasibility, validity and implications of your Will.

We often fail to identify and prioritise our own needs and those of our dependants.

An incorrectly structured will can destroy a lifetime’s worth of savings, due to unnecessary taxes and costs, leaving your dependants with unforeseen problems and liabilities.

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Drafting and implementation Read More
To address the needs and shortfalls that were identified, it is important to set up and implement an effective estate plan. This helps to build a framework and create a guideline for the restructuring of your current estate.

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Restructuring and utilisation of the correct investment structure Read More
The implementation of the estate plan often necessitates the restructuring of current investments as well as the use of other investment structures and products that are more cost effective and beneficial for yourself and your dependants.

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Protect and transfer wealth to dependents Read More
It is often beneficial to make use of structures like trusts and companies.

This can help reduce your own tax liability as well as the costs and taxes associated with winding up your estate. These types of structures also help to manage and protect your dependants’ inheritance, especially when it comes to minor beneficiaries.

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Decreasing unnecessary costs and tax Read More
With your estate plan firmly in place the cost, taxes and time that it normally takes to wind up an estate, can be significantly decreased, ensuring that your family and dependants enjoy the maximum benefit of your estate.

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