Accumulate enough capital through wealth creation​

Finfocus’s core business is financial planning, advice and intermediatory services to clients.

Risk management ​

Protect your assets and future with effective risk management. Achieve peace of mind by protecting your assets, earning ability and planning for unexpected medical expenses.

Wealth creation ​

Our team can help you to invest wisely and to achieve financial success, by developing a tailored investment plan and tax efficient structures that align with your financial goals

Foreign currency

Efficient currency transfers for investments, international banking, and travel. Simplify your financial transactions with Finfocus.

Business risk and employee benefits

Secure your employees' financial future with employee benefits and protect your business with tailored business assurance solutions. Let us guide you.

Estate planning

Maximise the benefits of your estate with effective estate planning. Protect assets and reduce taxes and costs for your family's future security.

X-tra client services

Get specialised assistance for tax returns, trust administration, will updates, executorship, and estate administration with Finfocus X-tra Client Services.