Accumulate enough capital through wealth creation​

Our team can help you to invest wisely and to achieve financial success, by developing a tailored investment plan and tax efficient structures that align with your financial goals.

Wealth creation

Wealth creation refers to the processes, plans, savings and investments that you make to ensure that you accumulate enough capital to realize your dreams and provide for you and your loved ones’ and sustain your lifestyle.

It also entails accumulating enough capital to sustain your lifestyle and standard of living after retirement. Only 6 % of South Africans are financially independent in retirement. The majority have to rely on financial support from family and the state. If you want to be part of the 6%, then you have to start saving money for retirement as soon as possible. You are likely to be retired for almost as long as you have been in employment or actively working to earn an income. The longer you postpone to start saving for your retirement, the bigger the percentage of your income you will have to save to ensure financial independence after retirement.

Investment strategy

Finfocus’s investment clients can choose between bespoke investment portfolios and our Focus range of model portfolios.


An investment is bespoke when the client wants an investment portfolio constructed just for him/her and it usually includes funds that the investor prefers.


A model portfolio consists of a combination of funds used to achieve a specific outcome for example CPI + 4% per annum. Research is done on various funds. Combinations are tested in different ways to determine the fund choice and the percentage allocated to each fund in the model portfolio in order to achieve a specific outcome.

The Focus range of model portfolios are Wrap funds, meaning a combination of different funds managed by different Fund managers, strategically structured based on asset allocation principles, investment style, volatility and consistency of performance. They aim to achieve certain investment goals. These Focus model portfolios can be used in different combinations and applied across different clients’ investment profiles to achieve different outcomes.

What is it not?

It is not a Fund of Funds, where your money is invested in a registered unit trust managed by Finfocus. We therefore do not hold your money. The Fund managers (for example Allan Gray, Coronation, Prescient, Mi-Plan and Ninety One) are still the same asset managers we have entrusted with our clients’ money in the past. We have just taken our tried and tested investment approach and translated it into different Focus model portfolios.

Why we offer the Focus range of model portfolios

 We offer this because we are a fairly large team of advisers and we want to ensure that clients can expect consistency of returns on investments and advice given. We aim to ensure sustainability of service irrespective of employee changes and business risk management associated with a growing staff complement.

The Focus portfolios are constructed by the members of Finfocus’s Investment Committee assisted by the Mi-Plan analysts and research team. Through Mi-Plan we have access to sophisticated analysis and modelling tools and it also brings a scientific approach to our Focus portfolio construction. All our advisers are kept up to date with any changes made to the portfolios, receive training on the funds used within the portfolios, and engage with the Investment Committee on a regular basis. More importantly, our advisers are also trained on how to combine the Focus portfolios to align with a specific client’s personal needs and expectations.


Protect your wealth – avoid unnecessary tax

Let us help you to set tax efficient investments in place from the beginning, structure your investments along the way to prevent you from paying unnecessary tax and to protect your wealth during your life and after your death.