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Money Tip of the Month

October 2019 | "No matter what you earn, save! Savings bring rewards."
September 2019 | "Spend your money wisely – budget your spending."
August 2019 | "Credit costs more than cash."
July 2019 | "Children who work for their pocket money learn what it takes to earn an income."
June 2019 | "Budgeting is a skill – you have to get ‘fit’ for it over time and with effort."
May 2019 | "Spend less than you earn and save every month to become financially independent."
April 2019 | "Don’t buy what you want – buy what you need."
March 2019 | "Live within your means – and know what they are. A budget is a tool to make sure you live within your means and get the most out of your money."
February 2019 | "Start planning for retirement when it’s still the last thing on your mind."
January 2019 | "A dream is just a dream. A financial goal is a dream with a budget, a financial plan and a deadline."
December 2018 | "Financial goals are achieved when opportunities are seized and opportunities multiply as they are seized."
November 2018 | "Even if you don’t earn much, save. Over time your savings could “earn” more than you!"
October 2018 | "You do not have to be rich to invest—you just have to start."
September 2018 | "If you think plastic money is money you have available on your credit card—think again. In reality it’s money you do NOT have."

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