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August 2020 | Be sure to save before you spend, and spend what is left after saving.
July 2020 | Many people have experienced salary cuts, retrenchments and forced unpaid leave during these trying times. Having an emergency fund could help you through these unexpected, unplanned situations and could prevent incurring debt at high interest rates.
June 2020 | Children learn their financial habits from adults. It is much easier to acquire good financial habits when the adults in your life spend money sensibly.
May 2020 | Even the small things cost. Keep track of your expenses and avoid spending more than you can afford.
April 2020 | Financial wealth means very little without personal health. Look after yourself.
March 2020 | Save money for life’s unexpected expenses and for your bucket list wishes and dreams. Remember today is the “someday” you referred to in the past. If you don’t start saving today, you will not be able “someday” to pay for your bucket list wishes and dreams or future unforeseen expenses.
February 2020 | Worried about paying too much tax? - "Utilize a Tax Free Savings Account or Retirement annuity to save on tax and make financial provision for the long term.Ask your financial adviser to explain the benefits to you."
January 2020 | Worried about paying too much tax? - "A New Year’s resolution that can result in a personal financial revolution, is to strictly adhere to your budget this year! A budget is a detailed plan how to best spend your money to ensure that you live within your means and plan for unforeseen expenses. If you need help with it, contact your financial adviser."
December 2019 | "There is no such thing as easy money."
November 2019 | "To avoid overspending, make a list when you go shopping & stick to it."
October 2019 | "No matter what you earn, save! Savings bring rewards."
September 2019 | "Spend your money wisely – budget your spending."
August 2019 | "Credit costs more than cash."
July 2019 | "Children who work for their pocket money learn what it takes to earn an income."
June 2019 | "Budgeting is a skill – you have to get ‘fit’ for it over time and with effort."
May 2019 | "Spend less than you earn and save every month to become financially independent."
April 2019 | "Don’t buy what you want – buy what you need."
March 2019 | "Live within your means – and know what they are. A budget is a tool to make sure you live within your means and get the most out of your money."
February 2019 | "Start planning for retirement when it’s still the last thing on your mind."
January 2019 | "A dream is just a dream. A financial goal is a dream with a budget, a financial plan and a deadline."
December 2018 | "Financial goals are achieved when opportunities are seized and opportunities multiply as they are seized."
November 2018 | "Even if you don’t earn much, save. Over time your savings could “earn” more than you!"
October 2018 | "You do not have to be rich to invest—you just have to start."
September 2018 | "If you think plastic money is money you have available on your credit card—think again. In reality it’s money you do NOT have."

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