Holistic Approach to Financial Planning

A Unique and Holistic Approach to Financial Planning
Where your well-being is the focus of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals and staff
Personal financial planning and management can be grouped as follows:

Risk Management
Insuring of physical assets
Provision for medical and illness related expenses
Income protection
Protection of personal and family assets and acceptable living standards

Lifestyle Management
Accumulation, growth, preservation and management of wealth
Accumulation of capital for a financially independent retirement
Management of income and capital post-retirement
Lifestyle management post-retirement
Saving and investing in order to realise financial goals and dreams

Because we focus on your well-being and want you to realise your needs and goals
Your priorities and goals serve as our starting point and mutual trust and protection of personal information is important to us
We build long-term relationships based on the six-steps-principle of financial planning
We offer continuous and focused client service with a transparent fee structure
We give appropriate advice that is not related to the marketing of a specific product or product provider
We are proudly independent and professional with regular client engagement and service
We hold marketing contracts with various investment institutions and insurers
We employ only well-qualified advisers – mostly CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® practitioners
We subscribe to the ethical code of conduct of the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI)
In complying with the above and with the requirements of the Financial Advisory Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) we ensure that we treat our clients fairly
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