Business Risk & Employee Benefits

Business Risk & Employee Benefits
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Employee benefits should be the foundation of most formally employed people’s financial planning. Very often this is the largest or the only savings that people accumulate for retirement. It provides for a structured and disciplined approach to the accumulation and protection of wealth.

In South Africa it should also be seen as part of Corporate Social Responsibility to look after a business’s most valuable assets: its employees.

By providing employee benefits to its employees a business ensures a more loyal workforce; it becomes an employer of choice and it reduces the risks in the case of death, disability or retirement of having to provide for a person and his or her family in a time when the employee cannot be productive anymore. This in turn ensures business sustainability to the employer. We will help you structure and implement the most appropriate solution to your business. We specialise in small to medium size businesses.
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Very often, we as business owners are so caught up in the running of our businesses that we do not take the time to pause, reflect and assess the risks that can very easily destroy all or most of the value that was created through years of hard work and commitment. We help our client’s assess and understand these risks and opportunities and then create a structured approach to address and mitigate the risks. This ensures the sustainability in times of extreme uncertainty caused by an often tragic event.

We offer personalised analyses and risk planning in the event of:
Death and disability of shareholders, partners and key employees

We advise on and market the following risk products:
Key person assurance
Buy-and-sell agreements
Business contingency plans
Deferred compensation
Group risk products and Group Retirement Annuity Funds

We hold contracts with the following companies:
Discovery, Liberty, Momentum, Old Mutual, PPS, Sanlam

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Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty. Your employees should know that if they do the job they were hired to do with a reasonable amount of competence and efficiency, you will support them (Harvey Mackay).

By implementing employee benefits you will add value not only to your business but also to your employees’ future.

The advantages of implementing group benefits:

The benefits are two-fold:

Employees benefit in the following manner:
Employees are enabled to look after themselves.
Employees are supported in making provision for their own future: they take responsibility for their own retirement by participating in the group benefits made possible by a caring and responsible employer.
The financial security associated with group benefits (with regard to death, disability, critical illness as well as retirement) cannot be underestimated. This security benefits not only the employee, but his/her family as well.
Employers benefit in the following manner:
Benefits are a crucial aspect of the work place. It illustrates that the employer values his/her staff. If sound group benefits are available, if employees feel valued, good employees remain with a company.
Under difficult circumstances, employees who feel valued will walk the extra mile to help the company get through any period of hardship.
Finfocus provides businesses with the following services:
Finfocus has a range of contracts with different service providers. Finfocus also knows the different products that are available and which type of product will be best suited to your specific business situation.

This includes advice on
which benefit structure would be most suitable to your business
which insurance and retirement options would suit your employees best
what investment structure, as well as which funds to be invested in, would work best for your employees’ retirement scheme
Finfocus will also
give informative training sessions to new employees as well as to your work force in general on a regular basis
give annual reports on the group scheme as well as review the benefits represented by the scheme
review the investment portfolio as well as the business’ work environment on a regular basis (annually) to ensure on-going suitability of the products and structures that are in place
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